Meet our animals

they love you


Farah, Noa and Lila are our three Podencos. They are rescues from Spain. We also have four cats in the house, and 1 cat likes to visit our guests in the cabin.


We rescue hundreds of chickens a year from the egg and meat industry.

Hens, used for their eggs, are often discarded after 1 year because egg production is dropping. Some of these animals find a safe temporarily space at Feathery Forest and are nursed back to health before they can get adopted. 

The chickens can be visited and are at walking distance from the cabin. 


Some of the animals we rescued become permanent residents at Feathery Forest.  They either needed a new home, or were rescued from the meat or egg industry and need special care and for this reason couldn’t get adopted. There are the pigs Charlie and Teddy, many chickens, ducks and turkeys.


Our forest is also home to countless species of wild animals, from this rare and protected “fire salamander”, to bats and many species of birds and insects.